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2021 Awards Eligibiliy

Hello! This will be my first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award. Your consideration for my work is very much appreciated.

I published two short stories in 2021:

“Wednesday’s Child”, Fusion Fragment #7, July 2021

“It’s something my mom used to say. It only comes to me in snatches. I don’t know if it’s true. I actually don’t know what day today is. I want you to think about the necessity of parents, though: how nice it is when they tuck you in at night and scare all the monsters out from under the bed.

Parents are important. I can be good for you.”

Aliens, ground beef, and delusions of sympathy. Available in PDF, epub, or print form — electronic access is pay-what-you-want, including free.


“Cenotaph”, Augur Magazine 4.2, December 2021

“I’ve already been on shift for three hours when the statue comes in. Some guy in a puffy coat holds the door for her.

She’s got snow crumbling off her head and shoulders, little rivulets of melt running down her carved hair. She’s grime-dulled marble, not well-maintained, with grey streaks running from her shoulder down through that hint of sculpted gown. Her face is young, but she is not; her hair is pitted, and there’s a crack running down her left cheek, just to the edge of her mouth. Her right wrist is chipped. Her nose is still pert and smooth, though, and her eyes have the unseeing gloss of a once-polished finish.”

A preview is available online, with full Augur issues available by subscription.

Thank you so much.