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Verity Richards has been trapped all her life by her inability to articulate a world where she is surrounded by the waxen scent of bird song, the sound of crisp sunlight, and the salted tang of falling leaves. She has always seen the dragons, ragged and thin, clinging to the power lines and nesting in the trees. She has learned to keep quiet. She lives with her boyfriend Jacob in an old townhouse in Ottawa, doing whatever jobs catch his fancy. She keeps her head down, and the city is a maelstrom in her ears and ice on her tongue.

Everything changes the day she walks past a street magician in the Byward Market, watches him turn a dog into a snake, and realizes his magic is real. As Verity struggles to balance impossible truths, she learns about people who should not exist—people whose very survival is threatened by science and natural law—who have taken refuge inside the walls of an old theatre, seeking succour at the hands of a dying angel.

In the fissured recesses of the city dwell the magician, his shadow-snake, a feathered martyr, and a knife-edged woman who is more than half ghost. On the streets, a strange girl stalks, centuries of anger in her smile. A time of reckoning is coming, and it’s up to Verity to decide whether the people who’ve fallen between should fight back for what they’ve lost, or abandon the world… maybe destroying it in the process.

In Veritas, coming May 1, 2020, from NeWest Press.