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C. J. Lavigne Posts

Story Reprints Now Available

Two stories by C. J. Lavigne have been reprinted in collections with some truly fantastic Canadian authors. Both books are available from major retailers.

State of the Ark: Canadian Futurefiction, edited by Lesley Choyce (Pottersfield Press, 2023) reprints “Side Effects May Include,” in which a woman who is running out of credits and options tries to find a job with the help of her holographic assistant.

Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy & Science Fiction vol. 1, edited by Stephen Kotowych (Ansible Press, 2023) reprints “Choose Your Own,” in which you need to get to the market–but there are dragons waiting.

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2022 Awards Eligibility

Hello! I’ve published three stories this year, and I hope you enjoy them:

Dragon by by Linda BlackWin24 Jansson

“Choose Your Own,” Daily Science Fiction, April 2022

“You need to get to the market, but there are dragons waiting.

It’s all right; you know how to deal with dragons. You’ve been thwarting them all your life. You know the rules: don’t reveal too much flesh. Don’t try to hide. Don’t contradict a reptile when it is speaking, but assert yourself early, and often. Smile. Never smile too much, or too widely. Be polite. Be bold.”

Can you make the right choices? Free to read.


“‘Til Death,” PodCastle, June 2022

“My dear Clarinda,

They tell me that when you heard of my wedding, you shattered a goblet, fell to the floor in a swooning fit, and did not arise for three days. I hear that the entirety of the manor was wreathed in black. Really, darling, it seems a bit much. I’m fine.”

You don’t abandon your best friend just because you’ve married an undead lord of the night. Free to read in text and audio.


Bee by Sona Toksova

“Bees in Winter,” Corvid Queen, December 2022

“Her honey budget was getting ridiculous.

It was also getting more challenging to take the subway—though it was more pleasant, since people were starting to give her space. When the bees began flitting out from her pockets, forming an exploratory cloud around her in the car’s wet heat, Kelly found she had two feet clear on either side of her, even in the rush hour crowd.”

A woman finds a bee in her apartment. Everything escalates from there. Free to read.


This is also my second year of eligibility for the Astounding Award. If you are kind enough to consider me for that nomination, you can find the rest of my stories here, as well as information about my 2020 novel, In Veritas. Thanks very much for your time.

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2022 Appearance Schedule

This post will be updated with events as they’re scheduled.

August 13, 1-2pm Mountain. Workshop: Everyday Magic. When Words Collide. Registration is available here with more information at the conference website.

August 5, 12-1pm Eastern. Strong Women, Strange Worlds. Recording available on Youtube.

June 23, 6-7pm Mountain. Virtual Book Launch: Ezra’s Ghosts by Darcy Tamayose. Register here.

May 22, 7:30-8:30pm Pacific. Promotion for Introverts. 2022 Nebula Awards Conference. Available to registrants at

April 20, 7-8pm Mountain. Online Readings with Alberta Literary Award Finalists. Hosted by the Writers Guild of Alberta. Recording available on Youtube.

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2021 Awards Eligibiliy

Hello! This will be my first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award. Your consideration for my work is very much appreciated.

I published two short stories in 2021:

“Wednesday’s Child”, Fusion Fragment #7, July 2021

“It’s something my mom used to say. It only comes to me in snatches. I don’t know if it’s true. I actually don’t know what day today is. I want you to think about the necessity of parents, though: how nice it is when they tuck you in at night and scare all the monsters out from under the bed.

Parents are important. I can be good for you.”

Aliens, ground beef, and delusions of sympathy. Available in PDF, epub, or print form — electronic access is pay-what-you-want, including free.


“Cenotaph”, Augur Magazine 4.2, December 2021

“I’ve already been on shift for three hours when the statue comes in. Some guy in a puffy coat holds the door for her.

She’s got snow crumbling off her head and shoulders, little rivulets of melt running down her carved hair. She’s grime-dulled marble, not well-maintained, with grey streaks running from her shoulder down through that hint of sculpted gown. Her face is young, but she is not; her hair is pitted, and there’s a crack running down her left cheek, just to the edge of her mouth. Her right wrist is chipped. Her nose is still pert and smooth, though, and her eyes have the unseeing gloss of a once-polished finish.”

A preview is available online, with full Augur issues available by subscription.

Thank you so much.

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2021 Appearance Schedule

This post will be updated with events as they’re scheduled.

April 19, 7pm Mountain. Triple Header — C.J. Lavigne, Jaclyn Dawn, and John O’Neill. A reading and Q&A hosted by Audreys Books. Register here for this Zoom event.
May 29, 11:30am-12:45pm Mountain. Panel Discussion: Crafting POV in Fiction. Writers Guild of Alberta 2021 Online Conference.
June 4, 3:30-4:30pm Pacific. Hometown Heroes: Working and Writing Globally. A panel at the 2021 Nebula Awards Conference.

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2020 Awards Eligibility

Hi! This post is just to note that my literary urban fantasy novel In Veritas, published in May 2020 by NeWest Press, is currently eligible for the 2021 awards season. Thanks so much for your consideration.

In Veritas follows Verity Richards, a woman whose synaesthesia allows her to perceive multiple realities. As she learns to navigate the city of Ottawa and its many secrets, she tries to save a dying community and a hidden world.

More information about the novel is available here, or on the NeWest Press website.

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2020 Virtual Tour

In Veritas is launching! But, for perhaps obvious reasons, the in-person book events have been postponed. This post will be updated with online readings and other appearances as they are scheduled and/or published.

April 22: No One’s Alone Reading Series. A reading from In Veritas along with work from many talented authors. Stream or download the MP3 for free!
April 26: #CanadaPerforms. A recording of a livestreamed performance for the National Arts Centre’s Canada Performs series.
April 28: A reading for the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club.
May 1: Check C.J.’s Twitter feed for a #bookpartychat (1pm Mountain time) and a live launch reading (7pm Mountain/9pm Eastern; recorded here).
May 1: My Favorite Bit. A guest post on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, explaining the meaning of In Veritas‘s title.
May 5: An AMA for Reddit’s r/fantasy Virtual Con.
May 12: A reading for All Lit Up’s online indie series (6pm Mountain/8pm Eastern).
May 21: A feature in 49th Shelf’s Launchpad series. Includes a very quick (1 minute) reading for those who like their videos brief!
June 5-7: Panel appearances at the Renaissance Virtual Conference (registration is free). June 6, 7pm Eastern: Launching A Book During a Global Crisis. June 7, 10:30am Eastern: Literary and Genre Fiction.
July 10: Appearing for the Word on the Street Toronto festival, discussing fantastic fiction at 3pm Eastern.

Hope to see you there! In Veritas is now available in both paperback and ebook form.

Canada: All Lit Up | Amazon | Chapters Indigo | Kobo
U.S.: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Bookshop | KoboIndiebound
U.K.: Amazon | Waterstones

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Cover Design Finalized

In Veritas has a cover, and it’s amazing! The unique, dreamy-yet-ominous artwork is by Kate Hargreaves of CorusKate Design.

The book will be released by NeWest Press on May 1, 2020. Launch dates coming soon!

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IN VERITAS forthcoming in spring 2020!

C. J. Lavigne’s debut novel, In Veritas, has been acquired by NeWest Press and will be released in the spring of 2020. As described by NeWest, “A young synesthete leaps between the everyday streets of Ottawa and a parallel realm of magic.”

As described by C.J., “In Veritas is about people who are allergic to technology. It probes the fundamental impossibilities of human communication. It’s an experimental, nonlinear novel that ultimately examines the act of storytelling and the limitations of truth. Also, it has a dog.”

In Veritas will be available in paperback and ebook formats, in bookstores and online. For the latest updates, follow @seajaylav and @NeWestPress on Twitter, or check the NeWest site at

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