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An image of C. J. Lavigne wearing a white blazer and standing in front of a green hedge. She's looking over her right shoulder and smiling at the camera.
Photo credit: Berni Scott

C. J. Lavigne is a Canadian speculative fiction writer. She is also a professional communications scholar who has, additionally, been a freelance editor, an English teacher, a marketing manager, a tech support supervisor, a barista, and even — briefly — a radio DJ. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, a master’s in English literature, and a Ph.D. in communications.  Her short fiction has been published in venues including On Spec, Fusion Fragment, Augur Magazine, and Daily Science Fiction, and her debut novel, In Veritas, was released by NeWest Press in May 2020. She has been writing, in various forms, for most of her life: academic books and journal articles, press releases, technical manuals, and company websites. She fervently hopes her fiction is more interesting.

She grew up in multiple hometowns, but she most often claims Ottawa, Ontario, or Red Deer, Alberta, with a little Nova Scotia thrown in. Wherever she is, she probably has a cat with her, and she’s never terribly far from her next coffee.